mel|low1 [ˈmeləu US -lou] adj
1¦(not bright)¦
2¦(not loud or harsh)¦
3¦(not strong in flavour)¦
4¦(not strict)¦
[Date: 1400-1500; Origin: Perhaps from Old English melu; MEAL]
1.) ¦(NOT BRIGHT)¦
a mellow colour or light looks soft, warm, and not too bright
the mellow golden light of early evening
a mellow sound is pleasant and smooth
a warm, mellow voice
mellow wine or fruit has a smooth, pleasant taste
its smooth, mellow flavour
4.) ¦(NOT STRICT)¦
someone who is mellow is gentle and calm and does not criticize other people, because they have a lot of experience of life
5.) ¦(RELAXED)¦
if you feel mellow, you feel calm and relaxed, especially after drinking alcohol
>mellowness n [U]
mellow 2
mellow2 v [I and T]
1.) if someone mellows or is mellowed, they become gentler and more sympathetic
Paul's certainly mellowed over the years.
Two pints of beer had mellowed my father.
2.) if colours mellow or are mellowed, they begin to look warm and soft
The bricks had mellowed to a soft red.
3.) if wine mellows or is mellowed, its taste becomes smoother
mellow () out [mellow (sb) out] phr v
to become relaxed and calm, or to make someone like this

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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